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Linda Bacon

Assistant Teacher (Preschool)


I am Linda Bacon. I am a Pre-K teacher at The Depot. I started teaching Pre-K at a Mother’s Day Out in Montgomery, TX in 2006. I taught there for several years before coming to The Depot. I’ve been a preschool assistant teacher since August 2011. I Love teaching and love the children at The Depot.I have been married for 20+ years. I have 3 boys and 7 grandchildren. I am kind-hearted, willing to help others, outgoing, very honest and fun-loving. Love to spend time with my grandchildren as much as possible. My hobbies are quilting and crocheting. I enjoy going to the quilt show every year. I absolutely love noodles and butter and I eat Bluebell ice cream every night. My favorite color is Blue.

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