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Anadely Calderon

Assistant Teacher (Older 3 year olds)


Ms. Dely is what my little friends call me. I am goofy and a child at heart. I have been an employee at The Depot since April 2015. I have 0 children and I am not married. I love to make things, paint, play soccer, sing, try new foods, hike, explore and travel. I have a passion for children and missions. I’ve visited an orphanage in Haiti with an organization called Coreluv twice: First visit was on a week mission trip my junior year of high school, and my second visit was in the summer of 2017 on a month internship. I am originally a California girl; I moved to Conroe, Texas in 2011. My best friends are my children in my classroom and my fur ball pet dog Little-Bear Calderon. Flowers are my signature, and nothing can stop me on a bright blue sky sunny day. I am currently a student at Lone Star College. I plan on transferring in the fall of 2019 to Sam Houston State University. There I will be pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. After achieving this - in the Lord’s timing move to a third world country serving and teaching children, making a difference in the world.

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